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Puff - purse

Puff is a small purse which easily fits in your pocket or handbag. You can use it for keeping coins or credit cards.

Different colours



The seacharts is intended for boat trips and to find a suitable route.

The scale of the maps varies regionally from 1: 100,000 to 1: 500,000. The size of the map is 112 cm x 82 cm.


Breeze - small toiletry bag

Stylish and waterproof toiletry bag made of sail cloth!

Different colours


Flying Breeze flight toiletry bag

Toiletry made of sail cloth which is transparent, so this is perfect for flights; you can take this for hand luggage toiletry!


Passad - big toiletry bag

Passad is a larger toiletry bag with plenty of space! Size 300x160mm. Available: Red, Blue and Brown.