Compasses and telescopes

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Compass with ship in a box

Compass with ship wind rose, brass, Ø: 5,5cm, in wooden box with glass lid, 8,5x8,5x3,5cm

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Compass in pocket clock form

With chain, nickel plated brass, Ø: 4,7cm

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Pocket compass with a chain

Brass compass in shape of pocket with chain, brass, Ø: 5cm, in a wooden box.

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Telescope in velvet bag

Great gift idea! Telescope in a velvet pocket, nickel plated brass.

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Brass wood telescope

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Compass and telescope in wood box

Nice idea for present! Wooden box including a little compass 7,5 cm and telescope 15 cm.

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Telescope, brass with leather, L: 38cm

telescope, brass with leather, L: 38cm, in wooden box, antique



Old looking telescope

Old-looking brass telescope wrapped in BROWN leather. Length: 48cm

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Telescope with black leather

Beatiful telescope with black leather. Lenght is 93 cm, when telescope is opened. Meaned for decoration.

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Telescope on stand 130 cm

Elegant telescope on wooden stand made of brass and wood. L: 69 cm (telescope) and H: 130 cm. Diameter of lens: 60 mm. Magnification x 8.


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Telescope on stand 160 cm

Elegant telescope on wooden stand made of brass and wood. L: 100 cm (telescope) and H: 160 cm. Diameter of lens: 65 mm. Magnification x 10.

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Standing telescope & compass, antique brass/leather

Standing telescope & compass, antique brass/leather. Height 25cm

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