Traditional seamen handicraft

Traditional seamen handicraft

Traditional seamen handicraft

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Compass in a wooden box

Compass with chain, brass, Ø: 3,5cm, in wooden box
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Floating keyring cork

Floating keyring cork with a rope. L:15cm, diam;3cm/4,5cm

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Compass with ship in a box

Compass with ship wind rose, brass, Ø: 5,5cm, in wooden box with glass lid, 8,5x8,5x3,5cm

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Hand bell nickel plated

The hand bell is plated with nickel, with a grip made of wood. "Captain" ingraved in the bell. Height 18cm, diameter 9cm.

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Children's logbook in Swedish

Children's own logbook in Swedish! This book contains room for logupdates but has also pages for keeping diary of the fish, birds and lighthouses you see. There are also handy tips and tricks on boating for the young captains.

Illustrations: Anneli Stenros

30x24 cm

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Signal flagg Cuff links

Select signal flags/letters, e.g. initials. The price of 19,50 € is for one cuflink. When you buy a pair of cuflinks, cuflinks will be delivered in a gift box.


Jean Sibelius DVD with archipelago photos

Visual journey to the music of Jean Sibelius is a music DVD that contains   Janne Gröning's photos from the Finnish archipelago.

In this DVS there are nine most beautiful pieces by Jean SIbelius and  over 400 photos of the Finnish archipelago. We get to go on an adventure in Finland and see all its changing seasons. Duration ca 42 minutes.

Comes in a "Finland 100" gift box and contains a story of the life of Jean Sibelius in nine languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian). 

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Wooden rudder

from 39.00

Porthole clock

from 96.00

Telescope, brass with leather, L: 38cm

telescope, brass with leather, L: 38cm, in wooden box, antique


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Ceramic lighthouse

Lantern for tealight, hand made in Finland. Five heights, choose size.

from 28.00

Flat porthole clock 28,5cm nickel plated brass

An original port hole clock now available in nickel plated brass! The Surrounding diameter is 28,5cm and the inner one 18cm. Nickel plated brass.

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Pocket compass with a chain

Brass compass in shape of pocket with chain, brass, Ø: 5cm, in a wooden box.

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Romcup brass

Brassy romcup. Inside silvered. Height 5 cm, diameter: bottom 3,5 cm; top 4 cm.

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Cork tablemat Fishes

Five fishes - cork pot stand. Size 32 x 20 x 2 cm.

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Bell with wheel wall hook

Ship's bell to decorate your wall! Attatched to a wheel. 15x23 (with the blue rope), bell 7,5cm

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Bookends anchors 1 pair

Brass and wood. Size 31x17x10cm.

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Candle holder fish

Cute candle holder made of wood, size ca. 16,5 x 7 cm

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Candle holder boat

Cute candle holder made of wood, size ca. 12,5 x 5 cm

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Anchor coat rack 6,5x14cm

Thin brass coat rack without screws.

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Rum mugs in a wooden box

brass, inside silverplated, Ø: 3,8/3,4cm, wooden box 20x6,5x7cm

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Wooden Sailing Boat

Cute wooden sailing boat with cloth sails. Three sizes: 25 x 30,5 cm (big), 20,5 x 25,5 cm (medium), 15,5 x 20,5 cm (small).

from 13.90

Door name Plate - Cabine

Door name plate "Cabine" for your boat, cottage or home! It is made of brass. Perfect to add that maritime atmosphere. Size: 14,5x3,5cm. Attatched with two scerws (not included).

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Sand colored seastars 13,5cm, 2 un.

Two sand colored seastars to bring you straight to the beach. Measurments of one of the sea stars: 13,5x3cm.


Little white seastars 3kpl

Three little white seastars tied together with a rope! 9x9x5cm


Blue seastars for decoration

Three blue seastars attatched to eachother with a rope.

13,5x13x10 cm


Door knocker, anchor

10 x 15 cm

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1 - 30 of 34 results