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Bean bag old sailcloth 100 x 135 cm only bag

To be delivered empty, photo is taken with filling.

In stock

Meri shoulder bag

Meri - shoulder bag is made of recycled boat sails.

In stock

Roope bag in sail cloth

Bag made in sail cloth by Glohe Hope Oy, size 46 x 36 cm-

In stock

VESI toiletbag

In stock

Puff - purse

Puff is a small purse which easily fits in your pocket or handbag. You can use it for keeping coins or credit cards.

Different colours

13.00 €
You save 23 %

Breeze - small toiletry bag

Stylish and waterproof toiletry bag made of sail cloth!

Different colours

18.00 €
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Mistral pencil case

Pencil case made of sails.Sailcloth is water resistant and easy to wipe clean.Size 210x65 mm. Availabe in red and blue colour.

15.00 €
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Passad - big toiletry bag

Passad is a larger toiletry bag with plenty of space! Size 300x160mm. Available: Red, Blue and Brown.


35.00 €
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Toiletry bag, recycled sail

Large toiletry bag, made from recycled sail.


Accessory bag, recycled sail

Accessory bag, recycled sail